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Casey G. Williams: Creating films with souls

Some may call the movies and documentaries today soulless: There’s no depth, no inner meaning. But this is not Casey G. Williams.

Williams is a man who passionately continues to hold onto the values of what films great. He was a screenwriter, award-winning filmmaker, producer, and director. Williams has made his mark all over the world. Producing travel documentaries for Korean Airlines, United Airlines and many other clients. With his fluent Chinese, he has been able to help advise and consult film companies that were trying to enter the film market in China. He has also taught at at the National Film Institute of India and even became the main object of interest for a Japanese documentary film.

Williams has been the source of inspiration for many others in the film industry. He was the producer for the “Art Works for Kids” - a successful program used in the Salt Lake District to help inspire community pride and combat issues with discipline. As a result of his frustration towards mediocre screenwriting, he was also established a company called the Paradigm Motion Picture - a top enterprise focusing on the production and making of films that are not only cost effective but are of highest sound quality. This company has gone to develop and make many successful films. Williams is also known as a professional consultant on editing theory and screenwriting technique. He has also spent time teaching film production in various prestigious institutions such as Columbia University, Brigham Young University, University of Utah and many more all over the world.

Williams is one of the top ranking documentary filmmakers of his time. He is here to share his wisdom in the field and introduce his latest anticipated documentary. A documentary about a nation that has always seemed to steer clear from Christianity or Christ. But he is here to show us otherwise and draw connections between the Western Beliefs and the beliefs of the Chinese people.

Only 2 weeks away to the September 2016 Conference as we personally welcome Casey G. Williams - the very man himself to speak to us. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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