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Connect your past to the future:
BYU China Conference
Famous Chinese TV Host and Producer 
(Cui Yong Yuan)
will be speaking at 
BYU China Conference 2016


What is BYU China Conference?

BYU China Conference is a necessary stop for students interested in China. On an international level, China is also a necessary stop for businesses, technologies, sciences, and more. BYUCC directs attention to the growing global influence of China by inviting individuals with exceptional experiences of China to share their knowledge.

Past speakers have included lawyers, film directors, doctors, artists, professors, entrepreneurs and more. Topics range from building Disneyland to choreographing dances for the Beijing Dance Academy.

The mission of the Conference is to help attendees discover their own roads that lead to or through China. At BYUCC everyone will be engaged as they listen to informative talks, attend instructional workshops, and interact with each other.

BYU China Conference: Where things are going 

Intro Video
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